OGS awarded contract by Dana Petroleum

Posted on: 8th Nov 2017

Dana Petroleum have awarded OGS a contract to supply a new 6" 32-beam Ultrasonic Flowmeter on the oil outlet of the 3-phase separator installed on Guillemot West platform in the North Sea. The scope includes a 6" M&T 32-Beam Liquid Ultrasonic Meter (supplied by Oil & Gas Measurement Limited) c/w upstream and downstream lengths, Flow Straightener, Computer and Software package and witnessed calibration against a range of fluids and flowrates at NEL's laboratory in East Kilbride.

Due to the unpredictable levels of water and entrained gas in the Separator Outlet, other types of meter often fail to provide any readings and bring about platform shut-downs which are troublesome and expensive for the operators. Using the M&T DFX 32-Beam USM will ensure that there will always be a measurement reading since the unique lateral arrangement of the 32-Beams means that the meters are less susceptible to mis-readings when water cut or the level of entrained gas is high.

M&T's DFX 32-beam Flowmeters have been installed in similar separator Oil outlet applications in Norway, Brazil and Nigeria with very positive results.