Novel 32-beam ultrasonic meter for fiscal oil

Posted on: 28th Feb 2008

Three years after the first edition of the API recommendation, ultrasonic technology is established as a viable solution for fiscal oil metering, and a considerable experience collected.

Our industry is now in need of enhanced performance in terms of installation, start-up and operating costs. Only improvements in the technology of the meters themselves can satisfy these expectations, making them more provable and less sensitive to installation conditions.

With these targets in mind, a new 32 beam liquid ultrasonic flow meter was developed in 2007, combining features never tested before, such as a large spatial coverage, a 22,5° rotational symmetry, an ultra-fast scanning rate and some field-commissioning and flow assessment facilities.

The following chart shows a 8" meter which was tested on a wide range of viscosities, with baselines within +/- 0.1%.

Additionally, new perspectives are now offered by this 32 beam concept in terms of performance diagnostics and flow assessment.

DFX-MM Baselines