M&T’s HTM Success Story

Posted on: 6th Apr 2016

Back in 2009, M&T were commissioned by Transneft for their biggest order, a supply of qty 10 x HTM 10’’ Turbine meters for the railway off-loading terminal and 8 x HTM 16’’ Turbine meters for the ship loading terminal at the new Kozmino terminal. 

Each turbine meter provided was built in Standard Carbon Steel, and fitted with:

  • Flow straightener with removable straightening vane in S.S
  • Removable measuring chamber in S.S. 316L
  • Light alloy, corrosion protected rotors
  • Tungsten Carbide bearings
  • Dual pulse output (Hall effect sensors)




  Since 2009, there have been no issues with the turbine meters:

  • Each turbine is checked at every batch by a master meter and cross-checked with an on line bi-directional prover.
  • No drift of the performance curves was observed

On March 24th 2015, a shipment of oil from Transneft , Kozmino Port, LLC reached the level of 100 million tons since the commissioning of the Eastern Siberia , Pacific Ocean pipeline system in December 2009. On command of Nikolay Tokarev and Sergey Andronov (Vice President of Transneft) who were present in the port of Kozmino, they launched the loading of the oil onboard the tanker.