M&T Exhibit at Neftegaz 2012

Posted on: 29th Jul 2012

Based on approximately 100 fiscal turbine and ultrasonic flow meters successfully installed in the region, M&T confirms their strong presence in CIS market at Neftegaz 2012 .  We showcasted a 16" DFX-MM Ultrasonic Flow Meter with the Calibration Performance Monitoring unique feature.

DFX-MM is the only ultrasonic flow meter that compares flow profiles between calibration and site operating conditions in order to secure meter factors in real-time.  Calibration is easy for all flow regimes (laminar, transition and turbulent) due to a linear flow profile evolution thanks to our 32 beams positioning.  Repeatability according to API 4.8 guidelines is achieved with standard ball provers including in the Reynolds transitional zone.  An 8" HTM Helical Turbine Meter could also be seen by all customers.  The HTM measurement chamber unique design ensures meter performance stability even when fibers or contaminants are present in crude oil.  For more information, please contact us at info@mnt-sas.com.