M&T at NSFMW 2010 in Scotland

Posted on: 21st Nov 2010

Eight months after the 9th International South East Asia Hydrocarbon Flow Measurement Workshop held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) where we exhibited our flow-meters, M&T increased its participation in Major Events by presenting a paper at the 2010 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop.

Our technical Director, Denis Laurent introduced the Calibration Performance Monitoring (CPM) for UFM, which is made now possible, thanks to our 32 beams ultrasonic arrangement that provides real time information of flow profiles.


The associated software allows the operator to record the flow profiles at calibration stage and then to monitor the real time flow profile. When the latter is found beyond the initial band limits, an alarm is generated and gives notice to the operator that the flow meter is now working out of its initial operating range.

This new method is fully in phase with the API recommendation, which encourages users to monitor internal diagnostic parameters and to compare them to the lab determined ones. It is valuable at every stage of the meter's life including:

  • at calibration time, to validate the installation
  • at commissioning time, to validate the error of the meter
  • as a powerful tool for periodic verification, to decide if a recalibration is necessary or not
  • as a real-time alarm tool, to protect the metering system against an unexpected chance in conditions between proves.