M&T win court appeal

Posted on: 8th Jul 2015

The Appeal Court in Paris recently ruled in favour of Metering & Technology (M&T) in a legal case instigated by a competitor.

Over 6 years the claimant attempted various unsuccessful litigations disputing intellectual property rights and claiming unfair competition but at the end failed to prove there was any wrong doing by M&T and also failed to damage M&T's reputation and harm this company.

The final Court judgements by the Appeal Court of Versailles and  the Appeal Court of Paris issued in September 2014:

  • Rejected all claims against M&T in full,
  • Confirmed that M&T products have unique characteristics and therefore the opponent’s claim of stolen or infringed intellectual property relating to both the  helical turbine and ultrasonic flow meters had no basis,
  • Ordered the claimant to pay all M&T legal costs,
  • Ordered the claimant to pay to M&T an additional penalty for an illegal campaign run by the claimant for several years because it was found to be based on many unfounded rumours being spread in the global marketplace about M&T.

M&T is very satisfied with this unbiased judgement and expresses thanks to customers, partners and the oil & gas industry community in general, for their strong support over the years and high recognition of M&T helical turbine meters and its innovative 32-beam ultrasonic flow meters, a new generation of meters.