Large Ultrasonic Flow Meter without Flow Conditioner

Posted on: 29th May 2013

UFM without Flow Conditioner

Confirming the success of its unique 32 paths technology, M&T recently delivered 16'' DFX Ultrasonic Meter for high flowrate, medium viscosity fiscal service.

As usual, calibration was performed at TRAPIL, France, accredited & independent flow laboratory in May 2013.

The Meter linearity was found within +/-0.10 % over the full flow range and totally un-sensitive to viscosity changes from 13 to 66 centi-stokes.

Repeatability as good as 0.03 % / 5 runs or 0.05 % / 10 runs was demonstrated against a ball prover of 10m3 only, which is a common size for turbine meters and 8 times less than the API recommendation for USM prove volumes.
More, these amazing results were obtained without using any flow conditioner. 

With this test, M&T once again confirmed that its 32 paths technology, combination of unique spatial coverage and ultra-fast scanning firmware, is of great user value by both making the meters provable with standard size devices and getting rid of any pressure drop and operational issues related to flow conditioners.

Real time Calibration Performance Monitoring

Real time Calibration Performance Monitoring