M&T wins '2009 Innovation GEP Award'

Posted on: 13th Nov 2009

GEP, the French Oil and Gas Suppliers Council, has been since 1953, the trade association for most of the companies registered in France and working for the oil and gas industry.

GEP represents the interests of about 170 suppliers of equipment and services to the international oil & gas industry which have a significant activity in France. Among them the prestigious Engineering and Contractors TECHNIP, ACERGY, SAIPEM S.A., CGGVeritas , SCHLUMBERGER, PONTICELLI, EIFFEL, DORIS ENGINEERING etc. and the well known Research Institutes IFP and IFREMER. GEP also counts among its members the international operators TOTAL and GDF Suez .

2009 GEP Innovation AwardIn 1998, GEP (French oil suppliers council) created the 'Innovation Awards', an annual competition for the oil, gas and associated industries and the energy industry in general. The 11th Innovation Award has been awarded to M&T for its DFX liquid fiscal ultrasonic meter on 29th October 2009 during the Annual Hydrocarbon Days in Paris.

The innovation consists of a 32-beams ultrasonic flow meter called DFX-MM which offers a very high measurement accuracy for the metering of liquid hydrocarbons.

Ultrasonic flow meters are used for liquid hydrocarbons transactions tax calculation. The DFX-MM flowmeter developed by M&T has 32 beams providing a measurement of oil more accurate and reliable than previous ultrasonic meters. The 32 beams velocities are processed by an algorithm giving a single value of the volume.
Accuracy is very important in this area and the slightest deviation can be worth several million dollars. Considering a pipeline of 12 inches with 300,000 bpd of oil flowing, 80% operational time over the year represents some 87.6 Million barrels of oil to account. A difference of 0.1% in the measurement can represent $6.13 million per year on the basis of $70 per barrel.

GEP Innovation AwardThe DFX-MM flow-meter is mainly used on FPSO's metering systems, tankers loading and offloading terminals, inlets and outlets of refineries, pipelines metering stations and tank farms from liquid gases up to heavy oils application.

Thanks to its unequalled generated number of information, the meter offers a high reproducibility on site of the performance obtained in calibration stations with several products. Reduced volume of calibration is therefore possible.

M&T is proud to announce this Innovation award which is the result of over 3 years of extensive R&D.