Flow Conditioner (FCS Series)

Flow Conditioners are required for custody transfer and/or when the hydraulic piping configuration does not permit the installation of long metering runs.

M&T manufactures several types of flow conditioners designed to ensure constant flow meter performance.

M&T's flow conditioners (FCS series) are equipped with top hat cross-plate straightening vanes (TAC model) which ensure a fail-safe design with a superior flow profile correction.

The standard design is a removable cross-plate straightening vane called TAC which is inserted in a 7D or 10D long upstream spool piece.

M&T Flow Conditioner


Our TAC cross-plate straightening vane design is more efficient than bundle tube design to eliminate swirls while keeping a much lower pressure drop.

FCS Flow Conditioners are compatible with both HTM Turbine and DFX Ultrasonic Flow Meters.